Samsung Galaxy A20e, which is set to be among the next models in the new Galaxy A series, has been tipped to have a 3,000mAh battery capacity. A battery pack has surfaced on the Web that is believed to be of the Galaxy A20e. It comes with model number EB-BA202ABU. This points to the Galaxy A20e that is speculated to carry model number SM-A202F. Notably, the 3,000mAh capacity of the mysterious battery pack is lower than the 3,400mAh battery powering the presently entry-level Galaxy A10 and the 4,000mAh batteries available on the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50.

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Folks at Galaxy Club have been able to source the battery pack with model number EB-BA202ABU from South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency. An image of the battery pack is also available with the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS).

The latest findings show that battery has 3,000mAh of typical capacity. The model number available on the battery pack also suggests its relation with the Galaxy A20e that is believed to come with model number SM-A202F. The Galaxy A20, which is likely to be another model in the Galaxy A series, on the other hand, is presumed to carry model number SM-A205FN.

All this suggests that the Galaxy A20e will have a battery capacity smaller than what was available on the initial Galaxy A-series models, including the Galaxy A10 as well as the Galaxy A30 ₹ 16,990 and Galaxy A50. The smaller battery capacity also points to the assumption that the new Galaxy A-series model could be even compact than the Galaxy A10 that is currently the smallest in the new family with a 6.2-inch display.

Since Samsung hasn’t defined any details, it is safe to take all the assumptions with a pinch of salt. But nevertheless, the listing of the Galaxy A20e — alongside the Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A90 — on the official Samsung UK website has ultimately confirmed its existence.


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