WhatsApp यूजर्स को Face ID से ग्रुप इनविटेशन तक जल्द मिलेंगे ये नए फीचर्स

WhatsApp ने अपने iOS प्लेटफॉर्म पर कई नए फीचर्स पेश किए हैं। इसमें बायोमेट्रिक ऑथेंटिकेशन समेत WhatsApp Business ऐप मौजूद हैं। ये फीचर्स बीटा और स्टेबल वर्जन में उपलब्ध...

Samsung reportedly developing two more foldable phone models in ‘see what sticks’ strategy

Looking to take an early lead in the nascent foldable phone market, or attempt to force the form factor into the mainstream, Samsung is reportedly developing...

2 માર્ચથી સેમસંગની A સીરિઝના ત્રણ ફોન A50, A30 અને A10 બજારમાં મળશે

A50માં વાઈડ એંગલ કેમેરા સાથે 4000એમએચની બેટરી હશે, કિંમત 22,990થી શરુ A30માં અત્યાધુનિક ઇન્ફિનિટી-યુ ડિસ્પ્લે મળશે, કિંમત 16,990 A10 રેડ, બ્લૂ અને બ્લેક એમ ત્રણ કલરમાં ઉપલબ્ધ થશે, કિંમત 8,490 સેમસંગ...

The Moto G7 is the latest phone to ship designed for Google Fi

When Google Fi — until recently known as Project Fi — was originally introduced in 2015, it only worked on Google-branded devices, such as the Nexus and, later the Pixel line...

The Nokia 9 PureView is exactly the kind of innovation that HMD needs

The Nokia 9 PureView is a success for HMD Global. Even before it goes on sale, the phone has done the job it was supposed to. Barring foldables like...

Oppo’s phone tech goes futuristic with 5G and a 10X lossless zoom camera

While Samsung, LG, Huawei, and Nokia are all launching new phones leading up to Mobile World Congress, Oppo is looking a little further down the road. It didn’t bring...